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Our Pets


Hi my name is Jackson. I am a 4 year old Australian terrier cross. I appeared in the All 4 Pets TV commercial, but the fame has not gone to my head as I am a lover of all animals and people.



Hey there, where is my food? Sorry. My name is Kuro – an English Cocker Spaniel. My most favourite things in the world are dinner time and cuddles. Period.


What’s up? I am Kai, the energetic Jack Russell who loves to play ALL day long. The best part of the day, is when I get to chase after the ball,with my best mate Jackson.



Hi, I am Jayla the princess. I love to be pampered all the time. But my best time spent is with my mum, snuggled up in her queen size bed, watching TV under the doona. I also appeared in the All 4 Pets TV Commercial, and I am always happy to sign an autograph.


Hi my name is Heidi. I am a 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, who loves long walks in the park and swimming in the Yarra River. Note, if I happened to sniff an interesting trail of “anything” anywhere, off I go and good luck recalling!