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Jumping Visitors

Katarina October 4, 2012 Behaviour, Dog, Experts, Hot Topics, Katarina, Training
Jumping Visitors

Jumping to greet is a normal canine behaviour and should be expected to occur when you adopt a dog or puppy, given this, it is important to be prepared with strategies to manage your dogs’ exuberance. Dogs jump in a variety of scenarios, the most common is jumping on visitors arriving to the home.

The easiest way to train your dog not to jump on visitors is to teach your dog how to sit and watch you while people come through the door. Practice this with family members pretending to be visitors, even ringing the door bell, before expecting your dog to do this in real life. It is best to keep your dog on lead for this skill as it will keep them safe while the door is open, it also does not allow your dog to engage in practicing jumping, this will reduce the likelihood of jumping occurring in the future.

When the door bell rings tell your visitors to wait for your permission to enter, put your dog on lead and encourage them away from the door and in to a sit position. Ask your guests to come inside and greet them from a distance all the while maintaining your dogs’ attention with some tasty treats. This is difficult for dogs to do so it is imperative that you practice many times before doing it in real life.

You can then invite your guests to sit at the table and sit down yourself with your dog still on lead, have their mat on the floor by your feet and give your dog a long lasting treat they can eat. I find most dogs settle down after the initial 10-15 minutes of people arriving, this is the time to manage them calmly. Only once your dog is calm should you unclip them from the lead.

You will need to educate your guests on how best to interact with your dog. I always encourage my visitors to ignore the dog unless he is calmly sitting by them, then they can give him a gentle pat.

Dogs are excited at the thought of new people coming over so to manage them during this time they have to have some basic training and should have received a good run off lead on the day of your guests arriving.

I have made a video of Nemo greeting guests in my home so you can see this in action.


Article by Katarina

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