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Introducing Katarina Behan

Rob July 8, 2012 Latest News
Introducing Katarina Behan

Katarina has had an interest in training dogs since her she was a young child with her Jack Russell, Skeeter. Over the years this interest grew into an obsession and a career.

Katarina is an instructor at The Kintala Dog Club, manages The Gentle Modern School of Dog Training in Heidelberg and writes for her blog Dog Life Training. Katarina says, “I started this blog out of a drive to simply help any dog owner better understand their pet dog. I have found that clients were often coming to me utterly confused and sometimes hopeless about how to live happily with their dogs. These people did not want their dog to be the next obedience champion, they just wanted a dog that would fit in with their lifestyle. I want to make dog training as simple as possible for people who often lead busy lives and are not as obsessed with dog training and behaviour as I am.”

Katarina lives with her husband and daughter and her black Labrador, Nemo, Spencer the Burmese cat, and Norbert, the bearded dragon. Katarina is excited to be associated with All 4 Pets, a store that does not sell live animals and stocks a great range of products.

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