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Should your cat be in at night?

Rob June 21, 2012 Behaviour, Cat, Hot Topics
Should your cat be in at night?

Councils across Victoria may have different local laws in regards to the confinement of cats but all Victorian Councils do have the power to;

  • Specify hours during which a cat may not be outside its owners premises
  • Make an order to prohibit the presence of cats in any public area of the municipal district of the Council
  • Make a local law prohibiting or regulating the keeping of cats in a specified area of the municipality where threatened native fauna are at risk of attack

For all cats over the age of six months they are required to be registered with their local council each year and owners are provided with an identification tag which must be worn when the cat is outside of its owners property.

More information can be found at and be sure to check the specific rules for your area with your local council.

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