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Getting your cat to use its litter tray

Rob June 20, 2012 Behaviour, Cat
Getting your cat to use its litter tray
I think we all have experienced the unpleasant clean up of cat business, if you haven’t you aren’t missing much! Here’s a few tips that may help to get your cat to use its litter tray!
  • If a cat makes a mess and it isn’t in its litter tray, clean it up straight up and neutralise the odour as cats are very territorial and like to know here they have done their business and they will revisit the area to do it again if they can smell it out. Even put some of the urine and faeces in their litter tray so that it encourages them to do their business in it.
  • Cats are very private and like to do their business in a quiet area where they don’t feel like they are going to be interrupted, but don’t place their litter tray too far away that they won’t use it.  It may help to keep the cat confined to a small area of the house where everything is in the one spot for the cat and then once they start using the tray you can introduce your cat to more of the house being confident they will use their litter tray.
  • Keep their litter tray away from their food and water, no one wants to eat and drink next to their business!
  • If you have a kitten, try getting them into a routine of putting your kitten in the litter tray every hour or so, they may not need to go but it will help avoid accidents and reinforce to them where you want them to go.  Cats naturally like to bury their business so this will also get them familiar with their litter tray knowing that this is a spot where they can bury their business.
  • Use more than one litter tray if you have more than one cat and keep them in separate locations of the house.
  • And keep their litter tray clean as they will be unlikely to use a heavily used litter tray.  Scoop out the hard bits daily and replace the litter regularly and get in the habit of fully washing out the tray once a week and you should have a happy cat using its litter tray!

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