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Squawking bird? Why they squawk and tips to quiet them down!

Audrey June 14, 2012 Behaviour, Bird, Health
Squawking bird? Why they squawk and tips to quiet them down!
  • Birds typically squawk for two reasons, to get your attention or because they are happy and excited.  Do you find your bird squawks as soon as you get on the phone and it feels like the louder you talk the louder they squawk? Well they just want your attention! You’re never going to stop them squawking but there are some tips to reduce their squawking.
  • Try to include them more so they can be closer to you and see what you are doing.
  • Have a look in the cage at what they have to play with cause they might be bored! Make sure they have interactive toys in their cage and rotate them regularly.
  • And talk to your bird regularly and interact with him or her, they really just like being part of the action and if they are they generally won’t need to squawk.
  • Yelling at them doesn’t help, they’ll be likely just to squawk louder again.
  • Reward them with their favourite treat when they do quiet down.
  • Have a cover for the cage. Birds will typically quiet down when they are in darkness as well as it being quiet.  You obviously can’t leave them covered up all day but a short stint with the cover on might be enough to settle them down.
  • There is no one solution that is necessarily going to quiet your bird down…have a lot of patience and use trial and error!


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