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Keeping your dog warm in the winter

Rob June 12, 2012 Health, Hot Topics
Keeping your dog warm in the winter

Us humans prepare for winter by putting on a jumper and turning on the heater. Dogs feel the cold too! The best way to keep your dog warm during the winter months is almost identical to the checklist you use for yourself.

1. Make Sure He’s Staying Somewhere Warm At Night

Whether your dog lives primarily indoors or out, make sure that his bedding is comfortable and located in a place that gets plenty of heat at night. If your dogs sleep with you in your bedroom, you probably don’t have to worry about providing any additional insulation or comfort.

However, even if your dog is sleeping out on the couch or in a dog bed, make sure the room where he sleeps gets plenty of heat at night. Some houses have poor insulation and certain rooms can be bone-chilling. Beds should be raised at least three inches off the floor to avoid drafts.

For outdoor dogs, check that his doghouse is appropriately weather-proofed and insulated, and that his bed is also elevated above ground.

2. Proper Breed for the Proper Climate

If you live in an exceptionally cold climate, make sure your dog is suited to it. Some breeds just don’t cope well in extreme climates so research your breed of dog. You may need to make some changes to ensure they stay warm enough and be mindful if you have adopted a dog that has been use to be being indoors as they probably won’t adapt well to the changes in temperature so keep a look out and adjust if required.

3. Additional Clothing

For especially cold climates, buying your dog a vest or even booties is not a bad idea. It will help him retain heat close to his body and prevent him from getting chilled. The amount of clothing needed will vary by the breed. An Alaskan Husky will probably not need as much clothing as a Golden Retriever, depending on how much exposure he’s already had to the elements.

4. Show Him Affection

Tummy rubs, pats and even just a friendly scratch behind the ears can raise a dog’s heart rate, which helps his overall temperature. Don’t be afraid to show him some love!

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