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Your backyard

Rob June 11, 2012 Bird, Cat, Dog, Health, Uncategorized
Your backyard

Have a good look around your backyard and see what dangers there may be for your dog and how your dog could try and get out.

  • Make sure there are no tables next to fences that they can jump up onto and escape.
  • There are no holes under the fence they can get out through. If there are cover them up or to dog proof your backyard by installing chicken wire to the bottom of your fence and digging it into the ground.
  • The gate has a good locking mechanism. Is it self closing or do you have a sign to say “keep the gate closed” because it only takes the blink of an eye and a dog can escape.
  • There is nothing that your dog could impale themselves on trying to get out.
  • Can someone access your yard. Theft of animals does happen as well as dogs being deliberately let out.
  • Make sure there is nothing poisonous to them in the backyard. Have you used any poisons on the garden or are there any lying around they could access?
  • Always make sure your dog has identification so that if it does ever get out you can be contacted quickly if they are found.
  • Your dog may not dig to get out but do you have dogs next dog that might dig to get into yours? Cover these up.
  • Remove anything that may be of danger to your dog
    • Any pots that it might be able to knock
    • Equipment it could injure itself on or get tangled in
    • Sharp edges or nails on fences
    • And do they have access to water and make sure they can’t knock it over.

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